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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More Popsicles! Neapolitan!

The Canada Day weekend was gorgeous and hot, so what better than more popsicles? Used the same formula for the strawberry-vanilla ones and added a chocolate layer. I was hoping for a Fudgsicle texture to the chocolate part and decided on this recipe from I realised as I was going through the recipe that it's basically a chocolate pudding recipe... I guess that's what gives it the chewy texture :)

To fill the molds, I reduced the amount of vanilla yogurt to only fill the bottom third of the molds, continued with my strawberry puree and finished with chocolate. The quantity made by the fudge popsicle recipe perfectly filled the remaining top third of my molds with just a bit leftover for tasting.

The results were sweetly satisfying.

Next will be a recipe I spied over at Apartment Therapy last year for a popsicle that seems a little more Asian in flavour.


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