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Friday, July 22, 2011

Easy Peasy Red Currant Fool

A week or so ago, we received a tiny box of red currants in our CSA box. Such a small bunch of currants! I lamented. Too little to make jam with. Too precious to waste in a jumbleberry pie or coffee cake. What to do with them?

Initially, I had wanted to make a light custard or semifreddo with some currant sauce on the side, but the other night temptation called and I needed a quick, cool and creamy fix.

I decided to boil the currants down into a quick sauce and use it over ice cream. However, hubby dearest informed me that there was only enough ice cream for one, clearly implying that the last bowl of ice cream was already taken. Not to be cheated out of my berries and cream dessert, I figured I'd just fold my half of the sauce into some whipped cream for the world's easiest dessert - the fool.

The currants cooked quickly and easily in a small pot over medium high heat with some sugar and just a touch of lemon juice to get the boiling started. I boiled them down until they were mostly liquified and then pushed them through a strainer with a scraper.

Look how little jam it would've made!
Hubby asked why I was going to the bother of straining out the seeds? Because I wanted a silky, creamy dessert, I replied. Small berries like currants and raspberries have such a high seed:flesh ratio. I don't mind it when I'm eating them raw or whole, but I personally like the seeds strained out when I want to use those berries as a sauce.

Whipped up some 35% cream with a touch of sugar since I made my sauce a little on the tart side (mmm - puckery) and then folded the currants in. I love the way the white and red and pink all swirl together. In fact, I think this is the perfect pretty in pink dessert to make ahead of time and pop into the fridge for those hot summer get-togethers. Kind of like a trifle, but even easier. Spoon this mix into small glass serving cups and throw some extra berries on top with a sprig of mint or basil and you're officially fancy-schmancy.

For my late night snack though, all I needed was a spoon and SYTYCD on our PVR :)


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