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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Seedling Progress

My seeds are sprouting! I wasn't sure how well they would do since some of the seeds were stored very poorly during our basement reno, but most cells have produced sprouts.

Peas and tomatoes

Silly me, got distracted during the seeding and completely forgot to draw a map of what seeds are where! Hopefully as the seedlings grow larger I'll be able to recognize them for flower or food and plant them accordingly :)

Can tell that the central one must be the pumpkin, due to it towering over the other sprouts!

Still waiting for all risk of frost to pass before buying some more soil for the gardens and sowing some seeds directly into the beds.

Also can't wait to use our own compost! My composting efforts have finally gotten to a critical mass and there seems to be enough bulk in the composter to reward me with some black gold. This is my first full year trying to take as much kitchen compost out to the backyard as possible (so much easier to throw it into the green bin for municipal composting, no trudging through snow to get to the composters!)

Eager for spring to truly arrive :)

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